Over the years, 123 EDI has acquired expert knowledge and created relationships with many trading partners from various industries. We currently support a growing community with over 400 trading partners implementation to date. You will be very pleased with our services. We work hard to please our clients.

We provide coverage for a large variety of industries such as big retailers like Wal-Mart and Amazon, logistic companies like Federal Express and UPS, automotive companies like General Motors and Ford, health industry companies like Cigna and Blue Cross & Blue Shields and more. We cover areas in retail,

distribution, third-party logistics providers, manufacturing, transportation, health, and banking.

We are always working hard and developing new connections. It is obvious to our clients, both in terms of implementation time

and cost. Regardless of whether we are implementing a connection to a new trading partner or an existing one. Developing new connections is very important, and we are constantly making new connections.

In addition to EDI, we make it a mission to always develop connections to non-EDI partners by bridging our platform with their specific API. We connect to E commerce platforms like Shopity and Magentoas as well as numerous marketplaces APIs like Amazon’s and Wal-Mart’s.

We offer the experience of connecting to a large community of trading partners

  • Knowing specific knowledge on trading partners allows us to do fast implementations, provide analysis and recommendations on areas of risk, and business-related matters.
  • More than 400 trading partners implemented.
  • New trading partners are added all the time, without incurring any additional deployment time, or increase in budget.
  • In addition, we manage non-EDI connections to trading partners’ API for seamless integration and unified work-flow.
  • Experts build across different areas like the retail and distribution, logistics, transportation, automotive, health and financial industries.