No matter your business needs, 123 EDI is here to provide comprehensive assistance to completely meet your trading needs. Since 1991, our expertise in delivering ideal EDI solutions has helped to implement more than 400 trading partners, relying on our experience and proven EDI software to ensure that you are satisfied with the efficiency and affordability of your investment.

Hosted EDI

Our web-based EDI is an ideal services that provides the same results of our EDI Engine™ on an online platform. Both small businesses in need of fewer EDI transactions and larger traders relying on thousands of transactions can benefit from the versatility and affordability of this powerful, simple service.

EDI Software

Achieving full features and perfect scalability in one EDI Engine™ is why 123 EDI has become so successful nationwide. You can rely on our proven methodology to program and control every EDI transaction, as well as meet and interface with your trading partners’ business and logistic rules.

EDI Portal