Our EDI Engine™ was developed after numerous years of experience implementing EDI solutions in the field. It was carefully designed with the specific intention of making EDI easy with a full-featured and scalable engine. The software is versatile enough to work in both standalone mode and in scenarios requiring a more sophisticated integrated operation. EDI Engine™ has tremendous growth opportunities for small businesses and large corporations alike. This top-quality EDI software is ideal for companies and businesses performing thousands of daily transactions with numerous trading partners.

EDI Engine™ is fully equipped with a library of add-ons and features that enhance industry-specific operations, helping to reduce manual labor and errors to boost your operations. Our turnarounds enable you to easily generate new documents from existing ones. This is a better solution than wizards that provide a more in-depth process to generate new documents and manage processes such as catalog generation and shipments, which can slow speeds and burden your system. We have many interface options that will automate your entire business process by linking to your existing accounting, inventory, or shipping systems.

Our strategic EDI mapping methodology includes EDI specifics, as well as your trading partner’s business and logistic rules. This provides EDI compliance at a higher level.

EDI Engine™ is supported by exceptional programming and quality control. In addition to the support of an outstanding technical staff that consistently offers superior, personalized services, 123 EDI is also able to offer technology that features:

  • Add-ons: Document labels, document turnaround, and wizards are consistent and reliable features added into the library of the EDI Engine™ in order to enhance industry-specific operations and reduce manual labor and errors.
  • Easy integration: All data is processed through the EDI Engine, where it is normalized first and later stored in its database. This creates a simple, stable integration design platform.
  • Scalability: A single platform can provide the smallest customer with the largest installation. Our EDI solutions are scalable for every operation.
  • Cost-Effective: A software application filled with rich features, competitive pricing, and a decrease or total elimination of the allocation of internal resources to “program” EDI.

Compliance: EDI mapping that includes not only EDI specifics but also trading partner’s business and logistic rules.

123 EDI is here to make electronic data interchange simple and productive for every business platform. Contact us today to learn more about our EDI solutions, and be sure to schedule your free consultation!