Businesses now communicate electronically to complete all of their transactions, with paper quickly becoming a tool of the past. Electronic data interchange (EDI) can help to improve communications and make business’ orders more secure, relying on encryption and security for complete peace of mind. EDI can help to make your B2B communications much more streamlined, but only if the proper efforts are taken. It pays to find a trusted company with a proven EDI system to enhance your operations, and 123 EDI is here to help!

Our team can work with you and your trading partners to create a streamlined, reliable system that makes electronic data interchange effective and simple. You can rely on our EDI software for scalable, versatile solutions that are powered to move your business.

Before you decide to invest, it can help to do some research first. Today, we’ll highlight what EDI is, as well as the advantages of this system over traditional paper methods. If you’re ready to learn about our EDI value-added network (VAN) services, be sure to contact us now!

What Is EDI?

Simply put, electronic data interchange is the exchange of information between two businesses relying on a standardized format. Your EDI transactions will rely on this format to effectively communicate with other trading partners in a manner that minimizes any disruptions. Once a business partner has set up their EDI program, you can expect to benefit from a variety of seamless transactions that minimize the chances of error.

EDI Versus Traditional Purchase Orders

Electronic data interchange helps to eliminate the need for paperwork. A normal business transaction, for example, will consist of a buyer making a purchase order and printing it. Once this is done, the buyer will mail their order to the supplier. This supplier will then enter the order into their system for future use. The buyer will then call their supplier for confirmation of order receipt or the supplier will mail out a confirmation of the purchase.

The Advantages of EDI

The purpose of investing in quality EDI solutions is to streamline your business and increase your bottom line. EDI software can help to regulate all of your forms and papers, reducing operational and material costs while also increasing accuracy and efficiency. By streamlining your operations, you can expect to free up more capital and labor to focus on other aspects of your business.

Modern EDI also helps to increase informational accuracy for you and your trading partners in a manner that improves inventory management and accounting practices. Many businesses are now relying on EDI protocol to communicate with trading partners across the globe. Large-scale retailers such as Walmart and Amazon require suppliers to match their application programming interface, making EDI services a smart choice to increase your sales and communication abilities.

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