Electronic data interchange (EDI) has evolved to become a top method of communication between businesses, utilizing secure connections and precise decryptions to provide a seamless way to exchange data online without the use of paper forms. It is essential for modern businesses to find a way to communicate with providers and E-comm platforms such as Amazon and Shopify. If you’re in need of quality EDI solutions to help you navigate the complexities of this modern field, 123 EDI is here and happy to help.

Since 1991, we’ve worked to provide the best EDI services nationwide, outfitting retailers such as Walmart along with automotive companies such as Ford, logistics companies, and more. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to have the right EDI transactions to complete your business. Today we’ll highlight a few EDI codes across different applications, as well as the value of having the right support team for each transaction.

Supplier Demands

  • EDI 832 – Price and Sales Catalog — This useful EDI transaction is utilized to gather supplier information and load it into a master file for current inventory counts.
  • EDI 830 – Planning Schedule — Used to forecast your future transactions, electronic data interchange 830 provides a clear forecast on your purchasing plans.
  • EDI 889 – Promotion Announcement — Upcoming sales and promotions can be advertised and shared with the correct EDI code.

Invoices and Finance

  • EDI 810 – Invoice — A commonly used EDI code where the supplier will send a form asking for payment on services and products provided.
  • EDI 820 – Payment Order — All buyers will need to report their payment information and other purchase details to their supplier.

Order Cycles

  • EDI 850 – Purchase Order — Utilized in retail to ship a product to the store or consumer. Your 850 can be changed to include multiple shipping locations.
  • EDI 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement — A vital part of the process in retail, a PO can establish that an order was received and processed.
  • EDI 856 – Shipment Notification — You can rely on this EDI transaction to communicate when an item has shipped as well as its invoice.

Logistics and Transportation

  • EDI 204 – This code requests carriers to move a shipment, including the shipment request, information, description of goods, equipment size requirements, and more.
  • EDI 753 – Request for Routing Instructions — A 753 document can help you to request your order, normally two to three days before shipping occurs. This EDI transaction includes the weight of the load, when and where it should be picked up, and so on. Retailers such as Amazon rely on this EDI code for regular transactions.

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