Managed Services

Our EDI services are attractive to companies who are interested in outsourcing. These are companies that are highly interested in taking advantage of our know-how and extensive expertise. 123 EDI’s solutions and services are ideal for those needing to implement in a short period of time. The most important factor is that our managed or outsourcing services reduce the cost of implementing, as well as maintaining EDI for presenting an excellent business case when compared to an internal operation.

We work in close proximity with our customers and help them develop long-term relationships that assist them in acquiring true knowledge for business needs and match them with the EDI requirements. This enables them to become experts in their field.

Compliance Services

Compliance is extremely important in electronic data interchange (EDI). Your trading partners will not tolerate incorrect transactions. Some industries could issue major penalties, or negative performance reports. In order for an EDI operation to be successful, one should avoid costly mistakes whenever possible. EDI compliance testing plays a vital role in a successful business operation. Due to this, our process encompasses all of the steps required for bringing a trading partnership into production, including:

  • Business Processes Analysis: In terms of their logistics and general operational procedures, every trading partner is different. During the certification process, an analysis is performed and specific recommendations are provided (both business and technical) to ensure full compliance of all the essential parts of the operation that are intermingled with EDI.
  • Trading Partner Certification: Testing requirements from each trading partner may differ. There could even be third-party involvement in certain cases, attempting to make the process more cumbersome. The certification process requires active management, follow-up, and in specific cases, previous experience in order to speed up the process.
  • Testing of EDI Documents: Test transmissions are exchanged in both directions and are usually accompanied by the exchange of telephone conversations, emails, and questionnaires. These are needed in order to validate the correct interpretation of data by both parties.
  • Production Planning: After testing has successfully been completed, it is absolutely imperative to put the trading partner into production. This will mandate the coordination of various parties and groups in each organization, as well as the establishment of operational procedures.
  • Audit: It is important to audit initial production rounds. The process needs fine-tuning during this critical milestone, and is important to be prepared for unexpected changes.

Professional Services Accompanied by the Highest Standards

We have expert knowledge in all types of industries and businesses that enable us to deliver projects on time and within a certain budget. With Our EDI services, you can eliminate the need to learn or import EDI expert knowledge in-house, so you can concentrate on the priorities — your daily operations. We will manage your trading partner relationship for both the testing and implementation phases in addition to the post-implementation and support phases. All of our EDI services are priced and scaled accordingly to match your exacting needs. Our EDI software provides Interfaces that are stable and easy to maintain for increased speed and growth. There are no limits on what we integrate with, whether it is a mainstream application, API, or a legacy system.

123 EDI has the skills, experience, and technology to deliver the best EDI services for your establishment. Our team is here and always happy to schedule a consultation for prospective clients, so be sure to contact us today for more information!