The EDI portal is an additional service to enhance our EDI solutions. It gives our clients a competitive advantage for automating the exchange of business documents with their trading partner’s community. The EDI portal serves as an exceptional tool for our clients. It enables our clients to take their business to a whole new level.

Our clients’ partners may not have the capacity or budget to do their own automation. If all of the clients are 100 percent into the process, it could be challenging to understand the benefits of automation, even if only a small percentage of partners continue with manual processes. For this reason, a web-based portal is extremely important. It provides access to your non-capable partners to exchange documents with your company. It will be the responsibility of your partners to do their own data entry work, not yours.

123 EDI offers access to many portals. An excellent example are the ones utilized for either procurement suppliers or for customers. A supplier’s portal allows your vendors access to your purchase orders. It enables them the opportunity to submit invoices and shipment information on their own. This eliminates common issues like incorrect part numbers and gives you total control over pricing. Discrepancies in receiving merchandise will be eliminated. You will no longer have to reconcile your accounts payable because all information is unified.

Aside from these two common applications, 123 EDI leverages its hosted platform to other areas of EDI in different industries.

An EDI portal… the best way to onboard the partners that don’t EDI!

Our EDI services are designed to deliver seamless outcomes for operations of all sizes. This portal provides a simple interface and versatile scaling solutions to ensure every business has the right services for the right individuals. With our EDI solutions, you can:

  • Deploy a unified solution that allows you to automate your process with 100 percent of your trading partner community.
  • Enhance business relationships with your partners by offering a win-win solution and not one that only favors your process.
  • Use a portal that pays for itself within months by eliminating manual work.
  • Have the ability to allocate and distribute the desired portion of your implementation cost to your trading partners.
  • Benefit from other services outside the portal we offer. The complete onboarding process includes initial survey, training and testing, all the way to the support phase to keep your operations efficient and profitable.

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