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EDI requires multiple communication methods including VAN, AS2 and FTP. In order to create the most effective, streamlined, and affordable EDI operation for your business, you will need the help of our knowledgeable and professional team. Since 1991, 123 EDI has worked to provide the EDI solutions Our hosted solution for EDI communications streamlines the flow between you and your trading partners, whether you are processing a dozen or a thousand transactions a day. One of our most valuable services is AS2 hosting, as this EDI protocol has become one of the top choices for business worldwide. AS2 files are compressed, signed, and encrypted for added security. By combining the best technologies (HTTPS, SSL Certificates, etc.), AS2 has become one of the most popular methods for transferring EDI data in a safe, secure manner between partners.

Benefit from Our Hosted AS2 Solutions

123 EDI is here to deliver comprehensive support for companies wishing to implement a communication protocol such as AS2 for transferring files safely and securely. If you have been considering AS2 for all of your business transactions, remember that this protocol features:

  • Cloud-Based Reliability – Hosted in a sophisticated cloud environment, our AS2 solution is scalable, robust and with virtually no downtime.
  • Centralized EDI Communications – All various method and protocols are consolidated and a single point of access is provided.
  • Fast Implementations – We have the expertise for turnaround new connections typically within 48 hours.
  • Decreased Costs – Investing in AS2 software is very costly, additionally there is the cost of implementation, maintenance and managing your AS2 connections.
  • Simple Administration – Virtually no overhead for your team and complete visibility on your traffic.

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Our Approach to AS2

The success of your implementation will ultimately depend on the quality of the EDI service used and the expertise of your hired team. 123 EDI is here to deliver turnkey solutions for businesses relying on our knowledge and experience. We understand how critical for your operation your EDI is, and we work diligently to deliver value and precision. Our EDI services are meant to provide the most comprehensive benefit for business.

The 123 EDI team will deliver complete support including:

  • Active Management – Our team will monitor the connections for trading partners, including retries, maintenance windows, and more.
  • Streamlined Connections – 123 EDI’s cloud-based services provide a single connection for all trading partners, reducing your demand for EDI solutions.
  • Complete Reliability – Our hosted AS2 services are ideal for companies needing effective operations without the increased upfront costs or continual upkeep demands. The result is an EDI operation designed for 24/7 reliability.
  • Hosted Archives – All of your transactions will be immediately accessible through our archives for one calendar year.

Signing on For Success

When it comes to AS2 as a service, you will find that this protocol holds many advantages, with accessibility to a majority of trading partners worldwide being a top perk. After the turn of the century, retail giant Walmart began to mandate AS2 as the preferred communication method. This advanced internet protocol was shown to be far superior to other protocols available, and can be relied on for seamless integration between multiple parties.

Beyond requiring AS2 protocols for data transfers, Walmart also required companies to have their software “Drummond Certified.” Since this occurrence in 2002, more businesses than ever have signed on for AS2 services. If you’re looking for the most advantageous EDI solutions, our hosted AS2 services from 123 EDI may be the perfect fit. Contact us now to learn more about our EDI hosting!

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