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  • AUTHOR Authorization Message
  • BANSTA Banking Service Message
  • BOPBNK Reporting of Bank's Transactions and Portfolio Transactions
  • BOPCUS Reporting of the Balance of Payment from Customer Transaction
  • BOPDIR Direct Balance of Payment Declaration
  • BOPINF Balance of Payment Information from Customer
  • BOPSTA Exchange of Balance of Payment Statistic
  • COLADV Advice of a Documentary Collection
  • COLREQ Request for a Documentary Collection
  • CREADV Credit Advice Message
  • CREEXT Extended Credit Advice Message
  • CREMUL Multiple Credit Advice
  • DEBADV Debit Advice Message
  • DEBMUL Multiple Debit Advice
  • DIRDEB Direct Debit Message
  • DOCADV Documentary Credit Advice
  • DOCAMA Advice of an Amendment of a Documentary Credit
  • DOCAMD Direct Amendment of a Documentary Credit
  • DOCAMI Documentary Credit Amendment Information
  • DOCAMR Request for an Amendment of a Documentary Credit
  • DOCAPP Documentary Credit Application
  • DOCARE Response to an Amendment of a Documentary Credit
  • DOCINF Documentary Credit Issuance Information
  • DOCISD Direct Documentary Credit Issuance
  • DOCTRD Direct Transfer of a Documentary Credit
  • DOCTRI Documentary Credit Transfer Information
  • DOCTRR Request to Transfer a Documentary Credit
  • FINCAN Financial Cancellation Message
  • FINSTAv Financial Statement
  • PAYDUC Payroll Deduction Advice Message
  • PAYEXT Extended Payment Order Message
  • PAYMUL Multiple Payment Order Message
  • PAYORD Payment Order Message
  • RECECO Credit Risk Cover Message
  • REMADV Remittance Advice Message

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