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News \ March 10, 2007


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123 EDI Reinvents Itself

In honor if its 15th anniversary, 123 EDI today announced it has adopted a striking new logo and released an update to its successful EDI Engine software.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla./EWORLDWIRE/Jan 6, 2006 --- Reflecting its evolution over 15 years of success in the EDI solutions field, 123 EDI, Inc. has adopted a striking new logo and released an update to its highly successful EDI Engine software.

"In 15 years, 123 EDI has come a long way, and our great products and impeccable reputation are symbolized by our new logo," said Bernard Murciano of 123 EDI. "All the facets of the company, such as our website, have been revamped in time for our 15th anniversary."

123 EDI was initially founded as MIS Consulting & Services, Inc. in 1991, assisting companies with the implementation of accounting, manufacturing and warehousing systems. By 1993, the company had started to evolve and provide dynamic EDI solutions to its clients, forming strong alliances and strategic partnerships with key business firms.

The EDI Engine, the company's flagship product, was first released in 1996 and has been continuously improved and upgraded since. The EDI Engine is a carefully-designed robust system that can be easily utilized for the transfer of data. Its versatile software works effectively both as a stand-alone and for more sophisticated integrated operations.

EDI Engine has a tremendous path of growth from small businesses to large companies that run thousands of transactions per day with numerous trading partners. The most recent release of the EDI Engine sees its development platform upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft's development platform, Visual FoxPro 9.0.

"This latest update of EDI Engine is another step in our journey to constantly innovate and better serve our customers, and there's no better time than our 15th anniversary to do that," said Murciano. "As a company, we're gearing up for an even brighter future, looking to push our services and products to further exciting levels of excellence."

About 123 EDI

Since 1993, 123 EDI has provided software and complementary services for the implementation of EDI and integration between EDI and business systems such as ERP, accounting, warehousing and shipping.

By combining its extensive skills and experience, state-of-the-art software technology and superior work methodology, 123 EDI offers robust solutions with quick implementation times and extremely low operating costs.

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