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News \ December 27,2007


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123 EDI announces new customer training program

For Release: December 27,2007

Hollywood FL— 123 EDI creates a new training program aid to strengthen customer operations.

Training is provided at no cost to 123 EDI customers and is geared to help them perfect their operation and provide with an additional channel for interaction among customers and with 123 EDI personnel.

"At the end, customer's feedback will direct the frequency and agenda. It will be almost like personalized training" commented Bernie Murciano, principal of 123 EDI.

123 EDI will send period notifications with information on training dates and agenda for each session.

About 123 EDI

Since 1993, 123 EDI has provided software and complementary services for the implementation of EDI and integration between EDI and business systems such as ERP, accounting, warehousing and shipping.

By combining its extensive skills and experience, state-of-the-art software technology and superior work methodology, 123 EDI offers robust solutions with quick implementation times and extremely low operating costs.

Please contact 123 EDI for additional information:

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