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Ipswitch's WS FTP is probably the most widely used, reliable, easy-to-use and affordable FTP solution on the market today.

Ipswitch develops and markets software that works for small and mid-sized businesses on a global scale. More than 100 million people use Ipswitch software every day via the Ipswitch Collaboration Suite. Companies monitor their networks with Ipswitch WhatsUp®, and transfer files over the Internet using the market-leading Ipswitch WS_FTP® Professional client and Ipswitch WS_FTP Server. To view their blog, visit Ipswitch is also a socially responsible company and values community participation. Visit to find out how you can become involved in some of their work. For product and sales information, write to or visit


123 EDI selected WS FTP as its based for FTP implementations to support its philosophy for openness as well as to provide mainstream solutions for EDI-related problems that are trustworthy and reasonably priced.


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