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123 EDI uses 3780Plus from Cleo Communications as its communications platform for Bisynchronous Communications. An easy-to-use, yet powerful and reliable client software package for secure communications, 3780Plus has served for many years as the de facto standard in the industry.

Terminal Emulation
In order to meet these demands, the customer has to be able to communicate across different platforms, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and consequently, it's easy to see why mainframe computing continues to play a pivotal role in today's electronic marketplace. However, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is just one requirement for conducting e-business today - accessing mainframe data is another, and Cleo 3780 Plus offers terminal emulation capabilities that are exactly what is required for accessing this data.

Seamless Integration
EDI Engine™ easily integrates into 3780Plus. 123 EDI provides not only the integration but also all of the scripts required to operate trading partners utilizing this method of communication.

Large block transmission capabilities, quick exits, communications line monitors, perpetual log files, flexible configurations and custom screens are all at your command whenever you put Cleo 3780Plus to work for you and each one of these tools helps to ensure effortless and error-free data transfers.

With Cleo 3780Plus, it's easy to write scripts to run your communications sessions automatically or to use EDI Engine™ scheduler to automate your communications. With EDI Engine, there is no need for complicated programming with 3780Plus API. EDI Engine™ provides direct access with easy-to-maintain scripts. In addition, the language meta-commands have been increased for added functionality.

Solid Foundation
With more than 100,000 installations worldwide, Cleo 3780 Plus is the preferred IBM 2780 / 3780 BSC RJE communications solution. Cleo 3780 Plus provides full emulation of IBM 2780 / 3780 Remote Job Entry (RJE) stations for PCs, workstations, communications servers, and selected midrange systems.

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